2016-2017 Coaches


Our Director of Coaching, Dan Campione, has an unparalleled level of dedication to coaching. The combination of his fierce determination and unwavering commitment to his players development explain why Coach Dan's players are so profoundly dedicated to him. In return, Coach Dan demands that they give him apply themselves to become the best players they can be. It’s definitely a two-way street!
Dan Campione
Coaching Certifications
  • USSF D License
  • NSCAA Regional Diploma
Coaching History
  • Joga Bonito Soccer Club DOC 2012-Present
  • Downers Grove Roadrunner Team Coach 2010-2012
  • NSA Academy Trainer Spring 2009
  • Primo Soccer Skills 2007-2009
  • KC Legends  Team Coach 1998-2007
  • KC Legends SuperSkills Academy Foot Skills Instructor/Team Coach 2001-2007
  • Independent Competitive Soccer Team Coach 1996-1998
  • Referee 1998-Current
Coaching Accomplishments
Although Dan has coached teams at the State Cup semi-final bracket levels, his proudest accomplishments are in the high percentage of players that have had success into, and after, the high school and collegiate levels. Dan has statistically had more players get recognized, and chosen for, more opportunities into their teenage years and beyond. He continues to produce players with above average abilities to control, create, distribute & finish at the higher levels.  Again in 2019 IL High School Play of the Year, Multiple High School All Conference Players, several players that played Varsity and Sophomore Teams as Freshman.