Illinois Premier Alliance Relationship



For my twenty plus years in Youth Soccer one thing has proven itself to be true each year:

"Players in big clubs lose the individual attention to their development! If they arent the top team they are just a revenue stream for the more competitively capable teams that give the club its fame. Players that are close to peaking developmentally are replaced for players that can provide results right away! Its about MONEY & WINS!"


"Players from smaller clubs get that individual attention and opportunity from the lead coaching staff but sometimes the amount of players in the club keep the team from getting opportunitues that larger clubs get."


The Illinois Premeir Alliance (IP) Advantages Thus Far:

  • Players do not have to leave their team/club for more opportunity.

  • More opportunity for players that want to play more.

  • More opportunity for players that want to compete at higher levels than their team currently does without leaving their team.

  • Access to larger player pools for coaches when there are conflicts with games.

  • Access to larger coaching staffs for assitance, ideas and learning.

  • Our Club does not have to make a deal with what normally becomes the devil. 

  • Our Club keeps it identity and makes all its own decisions as we have in the past. 

  • We keep our brand and wear our own uniforms.

  • Showcase aged players have more opportunities to Showcase with teams within the Alliance.

  • Our players are making more friends and soccer networking than in previous years.

  • Players that had the opportunity to participate in some of the summer activities have come back to their teams re-energized and excited about the upcoming year which has spread throughout my teams.

  • Larger discounts on uniforms, spirit wear and equipment.


Dis-Advantage Thus far:

  • Cant find one thing yet that isnt easily justified by the advantages!


I would like to thank Coach Dwayne Cruz for figuring out how the IP could work and Coach Eric Luzzi for making Dwayne's idea happen. To both of them and the other Alliance Clubs for choosing Joga Bonito SC to be a part of the IP.


We love it!


Dan Campione

Joga Bonito Soccer Club